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Beyonce Faked Her Baby Bump at VMAs

By on September 6, 2011

According to MediaTakeOut, Beyonce enhanced her baby bump by wearing a prosthetic belly at the MTV Video Music Awards. An insider tells MTO that while Beyonce is pregnant, she’s not in her second trimester and is little more than 8 weeks pregnant. “She wanted the announcement to be dramatic, so she made sure she had a bump.”

The picture of Beyonce on MTO shows her in Venice with Jay-Z for her 30th birthday over the weekend. The bump in that picture does seem a little less striking.

I already mentioned after the VMAs how Beyonce definitely wanted to drive home the fact she was pregnant. The over-the-top way she announced the happy news made me want to give her a virtual kick in the belly. Not to cause a virtual abortion or anything, but just to virtually give the baby a “WTF was that?!” moment.

To add a different perspective, here’s a pregnant Beyonce in a bikini.

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  • Troy

    Me and My sisters all knew she faked it. People will not see past this girls madness to want to be the center of attention. It was all so fake and in poor taste that she would announce it after being on GMA and performing at Glasbury and doing a mini-concert to come on the Black Carpet at the VMA’s and announce it, and then go on stage to announce it again – poorly selling cd, this woman would do anything for that attention. I’ve said it once and I’ll keep on saying it, people think that she is so precious and nice, beYAWNcy is an attention seeker and she’s corrupt just like her daddy and her momma….Fake B*TCH!!!

  • TheMCLamb4ever

    Shut the frack up Troy and take a look in the mirror.

  • Shes 30 with 15 #1 songs globally

    say what you will
    She is a princess of pop

  • Jacaranda

    She is the princess of poop.

  • jennifer

    i pity u troy. u can nvr in ur entire life be half of what she is. fool… jst shut up

  • Tammy

    Troy, you are right. Some people worship other people and can’t see the truth.

    • Khalilahaaliyah

      Its so sadd dat beyonce has to copy ppl, steal der music n now so called b 5months pregnant with a rapidly growing baby bump…i wudnt b surprised if her belly was da same size its portrayed as now wen she is due….her time is coming to an end

  • not4it

    I never liked beyonce, i’ve loved almost every female artist out there with an amazing voice like mariah, Christina, celine, whitney etc…then beyonce came into the light, although she had an amazing voice that rivals the voices of those before her but for some reason i never like her, i love her voice but something about her just eerks me, and then next thing a plethora of negative crap surrounds her from copy cat videos to fake pregnancy and stealing music and claiming she wrote it…she did this to herself and she had it coming, gosh stop trying to be perfect and own up to your flaws and all…every other legend had their flaws and downfalls the difference is they admit it and not hide behind their publicist. Beyonce you is one fake bitch i always knew you were