Drunk Viking Vampire in Search of Tequila | The Blemish

Drunk Viking Vampire in Search of Tequila

By on September 6, 2011

A drunk wobbled around the Hamptons over the weekend in search of tequila. Skarsgard ended up at Water Mill’s Stadium Red Estate at midnight Saturday asking for “shots of Patron’.

Unfortunately, he’d missed the memo that Paul Sevigny’s end-of-summer soiree had begun at 8 p.m. and wrapped up already. But Sevigny and DJ Elle Dee headed with him to Southampton’s South Pointe, where Skarsgard was seen surrounded by adoring women. “Alex took pictures with everyone,” a spy said. “And bought a ton of shots.” — Page Six

Tequila, adoring women. If there wasn’t an orgy later that night, then Alexander Skarsgard is doing it wrong.

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