Michael Bay's Girlfriend Seems Nice | The Blemish

Michael Bay’s Girlfriend Seems Nice

By on September 7, 2011

Michael Bay and his girlfriend Lauren Stoner (Model Mayhem profile here with more pictures here)  hit up the beach in Miami on Tuesday. Much like his auditions, he lay down in a white robe and watched while the girl bent over him. The only difference here is he’s not degrading her. Yet. That’ll most likely happen in the bedroom when Michael puts on a custom montage of explosions from all his movies and cranks it to 10. As you know, that’s the only way he can get off.

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  • truth

    I thought he was gay?

  • Johnny

    That is a nice piece of pussy.

  • Peter

    Body’s okay but her face?

  • Heather

    Michael Bay has a verrrry long penis. Long, but unusually thin. Not satisfying at all, and I think he has a complex about it.  Hence, he’s a jerk.