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Scarlett Johansson Leaked Nude Photos

By on September 14, 2011

Not much to say besides two leaked photos supposedly of Scarlett Johansson naked leaked online. No clue whether or not they’re real but it looks like Scarlett Johansson naked so it must be, right? The internet wouldn’t lie to me. Not like this. *Clutches monitor to heart* Check out the NSFW pics here and here.

Note: I feel like I’ve seen these before.

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  • Sexy future oscar winner

    She is a friggin work of art

  • Chewy


  • Jbjbrownski2


  • Thomas

    She is overrated.  I use to date a chick that looked similar to this in every way except my ex had slightly larger tits.  No biggie.  I can walk around my neighborhood anytime to see 1 or 2 chicks per block that look much better than this and unless you live in the boonies you can too – they are everywhere.  I think you guys need to get out more.  

    • Ted

      Not everyones a pimp like you ya retarted fuck stick

      • Mack

        No we just get out and do instead of wishing like you ya fucktard goes for him tooVVVVVVV

      • Mack

        No we just get out and do instead of wishing like you ya fucktard goes for him tooVVVVVVV

        • Jbeezy

          Yea you get out so much you are commenting on a comment. Lying on the internet seems to be a growing trend. 100 bucks says you are a virgin

      • Batista

        yeah ya fuctard twink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • FuckRetardTwink

           lols, this is a funny comment stream

    • Gk_americoast

      ya thomas your ex looked similar except for the fact she was fatter and uglier.  sure she had bigger tits because she was 200 pounds.  quit trying to impress people you don’t know

    • David

      Thomas is obviously not getting any, so he has to trash super hot actresses. That’s hilarious and sad at the sane time :)

      • Mack

        Super hot????? you must be super fuckin wack to think shes super hot just cause a bunch of lames agree that they never had good looking pussy doesnt mean we all havent…. EVERYONE ON HERE TALKING THAT SUPER THIRSTY SHIT CAN GTFOH!!

      • Mack

        Super hot????? you must be super fuckin wack to think shes super hot just cause a bunch of lames agree that they never had good looking pussy doesnt mean we all havent…. EVERYONE ON HERE TALKING THAT SUPER THIRSTY SHIT CAN GTFOH!!

    • Anonymous

      Overrated? You overrate your own intellect, using terms like ‘chicks’ and ‘tits’ and ‘no biggie’. Where’s the dignity?

      • Baruth

        dignity???? on a site like this dignity????? ya fuctard twink swallow cock.

    • hottotrot69

      you got weird taste in women there bro. She is sexy as fuck and if that look-alike girlfriend thing is true, well done

    • Quarterroy13

      I agree…hot women are everywhere! it’s the young and inexperienced guys who are desperate enough to post things like “goddess” and “perfect”… Gain yourself some confidence, our fake it if you must. Either way, approach ten women a day, without trying to pick them up, and you’ll find that once you are comfy talking to women, you’ll be able to find scarlett “lookalikes” and better! ultimately stop sitting around and gawking at the women on the internet and go out and find you 1 of your own it’s not that hard!

      • Stevethevagina

        Lawl, you say this but you had to have looked up these pics in the first place. Fat kids can be cool on the internets.

      • Mo

        You are a fucking moron, crawl back under your rock. I can just imagine what a looser you must be, 400lbs, no teeth and a comic book collection. Dildo

      • 4justincase

        Whoa whoa whoa, u telling us to stop sitting around gawking at women on the Internet,….yet you’re here…???

      • Gabe G

        ooooooo really i’m sure only thing yore fucked is you’re hand besides who are any of us to judge true beauty that’s on the inside but since none of us actually know her she still is good looking

    • Leakysteve

      I’ve pissed on bigger tits than you.

      • R Bosman87

        Omg fucking retards get a life! Damn ..

      • R Bosman87

        Omg fucking retards get a life! Damn ..

      • Gurn

        yeah yours, whilst you’re laying down on your back bitch tits twink dick swallower.

      • Gabe G

        ewwwww but yeah i agree

    • Anomalousreader

      you sure have gotten a lot of flack over what you posted.  you could be tryin to play the whole thing off or you could’ve been serious…either way, you are right…there are beautiful women everywhere.  Yes, there are more beautiful women than others, and ScarJo is amazingly gorgeous, but is she just as pretty on the inside?

      • Balea

        fuck off hoser and go suck another dick.

    • Gbd7


    • M-g-d-a-r

      The key to you post is “ex”. And as you walk around your neighborhood you wee, not who you are with. Too funny

    • Anonymous

      I’m guessing thay you’re pulling your wire as I write this Thomas – you’re not very good with the ladies are you?

      If you don’t think that Ms. Johansson is one of the greatest looking women on this planet, I’m thinking that she’s of the wrong gender for your liking.

    • bong solo

      Oh fuck, you sound like a giant douche… everyone must hate the shit out of you.

    • Chris Barry

      i think you are a liar and cheat sir. (white glove slaps face) i challenge you to a duel of wits (said in sexy Italian voice)

    • Maggiemaemail

      U are such a gay bait. Quit poking boys in the butt Thomas.

    • Urfullofshit

      and HA ! let’s see some photos of the ex ! and her bigger tits .

    • Powerseller0101

      Ya right fagget!
      She is one of the hottest women On the planet, hands down

    • Gabe G

      i bet yer just some ones wife trying to get her husband off of porn for good

    • billybulldog

      you in 10000 lifetimes could NEVER touch ScarJo.u lying dog.

    • Pulpzep


    • billy

      them you woke up with your baloney in your

    • thomas is a bitch

      you sound like a bitch to me

  • D Mack602

    I wanted to get her tattooed on my side” the pic of her with a sexy smirk” everyone who has seen it knows what I’m talking bout ya yeah she’s hot sooooo shut yo moutf thomass

    • Blanket Master

      you want a tattoo of a woman you don’t know or will never meet.  Retard.

  • Anonymous

    Big deal. Not a great deal more than what we saw in Lost in Translation.

  • Anonymous

    As with most of you commenting it really is no big deal; she has nice breasts and should be proud of them but here’s where I cry foul…why on earth would ScarJo have nude photos of herself on her phone unless it was her intent to get her phone hacked…

    • C121

      You’re right if you don’t want pictures of yourself all over the internet don’t take the pictures.  I’m sure she was looking for the publicity.  Hasn’t been in a new movie for awhile.

      • Rakkball

        These pictures are obviously fake. And she’s in a new movie now called the avengers. So it obviously wasn’t for the publicity.

  • Luzdistante

    I Always thought she was pretty hot in movies but I’m kinda disappointed with the nude pics. She looks like your average woman.

    • Biggacoc

      really nothing special but her bras.

  • Www Stud

    ur a looser thomas haha weirdo!

  • Ircjello

    shes still the hottest actress ever

    • froggy noodle

      If by “ever” you mean in the last 14 seconds, and by “actress” you mean snide little self-righteous skanky cum gargling thundersnatch with bad breath and a butthole so hairy it looks like she has Angela Davis hiding in her poop cannon, then yes hottest actress ever.

  • Commenter

    She’s a nice looking woman, but not a goddess.

    • froggy noodle

      Yeah a goddess makes you spray your underoos while arm wrestling your dad. That’s real sex appeal. Scar Jo looks like she has bad breath and a really hairy butthole.

  • anji armstrong

    The only thing that is ‘unjust’ is that she looks that great and I look nothing like her.  She is stunning and if I had a body like hers I’d be ‘leaking’ it all over the place haha

    • Leakysteve

      leak on me

    • Mike Distance

      Looking great on photo and in film is mostly illusion. In real life the joke is on her.

    • Thracean

      show me what you have and I will decide to get in touch with you and impale you. you will love it and you will then always desire and dream of it.

  • Dave

    There is a God after all….

    • Leakysteve

      I know. Praise the Lord. Pee on me.

  • Leakysteve

    Thomas, we should pee.

  • Guessy

    Thomas, fuck you. Shut the fuck up. I can’t think of one damn thing to hold up to her that would describe any part of her as even “blah”. Beautiful women ARE everywhere and many of them don’t look anything like this woman. Why compare? Also, life is NOT about how many of them you can faux-woo with your phony ass game. Pretend games only served us as children. Time to grow up boy!

  • Jamsdizz

    I’d have to say she looks good but not perfect. I’ve seen better T and A.

  • Bates

    She sure is beautiful. And the shot with her reflected in the mirror is a great photo. Dam good shot with a cell phone.

  • Amy W

    Lol, why are people getting so offended about Thomas not thinking Scarlett isn’t that attractive?  He doesn’t think she is anything special.  Stop throwing a hissy fit just because he has different tastes in women as you.  If he was trying to “big himself up” why would he say he sees girls like her all the time?   Honestly, what a stupid thing to go all “internet tough guy” about.  I think Anne Hathaway is one of the most beautiful women ever, but I don’t throw a hissy fit when people say they don’t think she’s all that.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Deal with it. 

    • billybulldog

      Are you going out with that Pee Wee Herman lookin’ wannabe stud mf???Thomas is a lying nutcase.he could never touch the likes of ScarJo…….. or Anne.
          he got jumped off on because he is full of bull.      

    • froggy noodle

      Anne Hathaway is a hideous gutter cunt. She looks like a dead road lizard dipped in pelican shit to keep her ghastly ghostly opaque skin from being transparent. I wouldn’t spray shit on her if I had dysentery and she was on fire underneath my baby’s crib. Just seeing her name made my Viagra’s Dick go limp.


    Thomas is right. I live in a small town in Newcastle, England, and I see women walking round town that make Scarlett Johansen look like Susan Boyle. I would give Scarlett Johansen a 7 out of 10. Yeaaaaah boy

  • Why

    Where the fuck am I ?

  • Dusty

    so hot!

  • Brad_simpson15

    She is one of the most beautiful women in the hole world.

  • Ashley Morris

    Disappointing pictures. I want to see some proper nude Scarlett Johansonn! She’s just so hot it’s unreal

  • Ohhi

    I’m in my mid-30′s, been married for over a decade, and fuck you these pictures of her are fucking fantastic. Does that make me a dirty old man? Guess what… I don’t care.

  • Dastro79

    You guys go at eaothers throat over comments made online. Everyone has there own life & opinion. There are many super hot chicks in the entertainment biz period! Porn, music, movies, etc……. However, They’re always in the public eye so people follow them alot. We all know there are a million women at arms length daily that are also super hot! I’ve def had my share. At the same time, I still will admire the bad ass one’s I see on tv. Guaranteed…… put my lady in make up, expensive jewelry & clothe & put her on tv & hella guys & chicks will b head over hills for her too! LOL……Half you dudes will probably sleep with anything anyway given that half these celebrities are just as normal as the girl next door when you take away fame, fortune & make-up!

  • Josephp

    some of gods best work

  • Sweetbabyjynx

    I would love to see her completely nude to be perfectly honest… She is so smoking hot!!

  • Whocares

    Oh geeze, what kind of shitty ass phone does she have that these pictures look so bad? You’re a freakin celebrity, you could afford a better phone! Looks like they were taken on a nokia, lol!

  • Kat

    Yes she is pretty but once you take away all the makeup, airbrushed effects, and digital enhancements she’s just like every other woman out. I will say she is a really got actress. Don’t think she would really stoop so low as to post nudes of herself just to get publicity. If so then she’s got issues.

  • Olsson

    he is damn right. y’all need to drop d laptop & go out more often. hate it or love it, most of you here aint getting no pussy. and yes thomas is right, she is overrated. i see alot better everyday. hate on me, i dont know you and u dnt know me :)

    • Tim

      And yet your on here?

  • Ghost

    Has no one here ever seen a naked woman before shes hot but im pretty sure if she wasnt famous no one would say shes over a 7

  • Mike

    How many idiot celebrities can keep doing this?  They have to do it on purpose.

  • Mikecart1

    She is hot.  Just watched Lost in Translation and the opening scene where you can see her butt crack perfectly through the shear panties she is wearing, I can only hope one day to savor the taste of the delicious aroma that exhausts from her rosy butt.  Anyone that thinks otherwise is either single and lonely or married and bored.

  • Ghjcjhfj

    These photos suck we need better ones

  • 4justincase

    Well…while u guys spend useless minutes bantering on irrelevant comments, imma comment on awesome pics. That is what I came for :) these pics r awesome. There I said it.

  • Ed

    She’s an actress. So what. We would probably have seen her nude some time or another. Just a shame her privacy was invaded. A damn shame!

  • Baptiste

    i would ravage her with my meat hammer.

  • Baptiste

    i would ravage her with my meat hammer.

  • DonnyD

    You are all trolls

  • Harrypotter0121

    Yeah, I’ve seen them, she’s my girlfriend.

  • Ewen Murdoch

    She is an absolute babe! What a honey! Thomas – you absolute twat! Imagine waking up to her every morning!

  • Josh

    My girls ass is better than that of scarletts I just saw lol

  • Lovehatemate21

    Audra glam next big star just look up on Flickr thagoldenmayne in people that where I found

    • Lovehatemate21

      She used to go by Brittany thrillkill former scene queen I guess

  • billybulldog

    she is just stunning.people say Jewish women are not hot havent seen her fine self  ,Natalie Portman or the exquisite Jennifer Connely to name a few beauties.

  • Ba4life69

    Damn a bunch of idiots, yeah she’s hot but not the hottest.You put any woman on television and she becomes desirable. I’ve had plenty of hot girls and appreciate everyone who cares who looks better, all I care about is seeing more of her naked, right? Naked is naked and I’d look at her any day regardless of who I was with.

  • bsvaldez

    Wooowwww, i really cant believe im reading how ridiculous you people are. Seriously ur arguing like a bunch of high schoo girls on their periods. Shes hot and obviously if ur on this blog, we cant get her or anyone close. Face the facts idiots

  • Celebrity Naked

    She looks ridicously good… moar!!

  • James

    You are stupid if you think the girls you see walking on the block regularly are hotter than this super sexy movie star with great boobs and a nice body and a pretty face. And she is definetely not overrated. Nobody fucking believes you had a girlfriend hotter than scarlett johansson dumbass

  • Smokey

    With all the pornstars these days, it’s a wonder why these retarded celebrity’s keep nude photos of their unappealing bodies, on their own damn phones!

  • myhands a hook

    If u don’t think Scarlett is hot your not a man. Just a boy who has watched too much porn on the Internet. She’s a gifted actor and hot ass women. She ain’t average. I give her a 9. And I need to pee