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Demi Lovato Looks Great

By on October 10, 2011

Remember how Stella got her groove back? Well I wish Demi Lovato got her eating disorder back. Wait, is that mean? Okay, then I wish Demi Lovato wouldn’t follow the same “I don’t give a f**k” diet plan Chrstina Aguilera has been following.

And if you’re wondering what that fat girl up top has to do with what I just said, it’s because that’s the new Demi Lovato grabbing water and gas in Sherman Oaks. That’s right. From this to that. This is like the exact opposite of every ugly duckling teen movie from the 90′s. Ugh. Look what you’ve done therapists. Teaching women to be comfortable with their bodies and stuff.

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  • James

    I’d give you idiots a proper insult. But seeing as how this site is probably run by a bunch of jealous twats who probably failed at whatever Hollywood dream they had, I’ll just with my typical “kill your self for being a fail site” response.

    So kill yourself for being a fail site.

  • James

    Ps: the fact that you consider Demi lovato and Christina aguilera fat is probably a sign that you’re all a bunch of vanity obsessed plastic surgery dip shits who is just Face lift away from Looking like Joan fucking rivers.

  • Thisisnotme

    Hey. Are you stupid? Demi had an EATING DISORDER! She was purging untill it was just blood. It’s you people who made her like that. Saying she’s fat. How is she fat? She also cut herself because she was ashamed of her body. Did you idiots ever think that she is still in recovery. This tiny post could trigger her. She is still in recovery and you stupid, idiotic, mean and frankly distugusting people are what sent her into treatment in the first place.

  • Buffy

    Hey maybe you should watch your mouth. She is not fat she has gone through a lot and if you don’t know what you are saying shut this site down. She is no Chrstina Aguilera and never will be.Besides it seems like you have a problem with women that don’t conform with society. She has never looked better. You don’t know how much of a long way Demi has come so if you DON’T KNOW DON’T TALK! Demi don’t listen to what other people say, you look GREAT.

  • stephanie

    Omg,what’s your problem? This is nothing but mean. Do you get satisfection by posting something like this? You have serious problems my friend… Your mom must be so proud *sarcasm mode on* Just grow the fuck up and at least respect and think before you say,you loser! the world doesn’t need some one like you.

  • Deemarie

    Fuck u, your a horrible human being. Scum of the earth, are you fuckin serious

  • Yourgross

    Demi is beautiful fuck you! You clearly are heartless, and have no idea what your words could do to her. Go die

  • lily

    Fuck you! Demi is gorgeous and you are just a pathetic loser lol i’m sure you look like shit….

  • mary

    lol at you… i am actually laughing, not because of what you wrote, but because you are so pathetic haha keep posting shit things like this, you are mom would be proud !! you are going far this way cunt! *irony on*. Demi is gorgeous and you can just take a chair and sit next to the other pressed bitches. bye cunt

    • matilda

      i do like demi and think shes pretty
      but you have no right at all to speek to lovatic that way ok so please STOP

  • lovatic

    I hope you get an eating disorder and see what its like. You know the mortality rate is 1 in 4? So you’re praising people for coming close to death. Go fuck yourself. I hope you die a terrible and slow death, just like the unfortunate ones who lost their ED battle.

  • fattyisasfattydoes

    I agree with all the comments, she’s definitely fat. Let the girl eat her pork rinds! Geez..

    • James

      Posting like a true fat ass yourself. I’m willing to bet you would make Stat jones look like a super model with your fat ass. Here is a tip for you cunt, put down the fork :-)

    • James

      Ps: judging form your mental stupidity, it’s safe to assume that you’re the same dick twat who wrote this fail article :-)

  • Kieraa

    Have a heart, and shut the fuck up!
    Demi looks HEALTHY. HAPPY.
    Something you obviously aren’t.
    Don’t take time analysing other peoples bodies and lives, when you don’t know the extent of what they’ve been through to just say things as you please. You are sick in the head… Twisted.

  • Jada

    demi is not fat whoever wrote this get your eyes checked. i like how she looks everyone else likes how she looks. she is still recovering. leave her alone!

  • Aylin Turan

    Who ever you are would you plz stop wr?t?ng th?s stuff and I’m begg?ng you DELETE THIS STUPID WEBSIDE because your really DUMM so no body wants to read th?s rubb?sh. just because you are not see?ng a really th?n g?rl w?th A LOT of make up and perfectly styled ha?r and wear?ng some gucc? clothes ?t doesn’t have to mean thet dem? ?s not beaut?ful. just because of you people there are these bluddy ‘rules’ of be?ng beaut?ful. HONESTLY GO TO HELL nobody ?n th?s world wants to be l?ke you they just want to them selfs and thats fact!!!!!!!!!! but you always have to destroy everyth?ng just because you want some money and want to be r?ch. I w?sh for the person who ?s th?nk?ng l?ke those realy stup?d r?ch g?rls from mov?es  ( and yes I mean the owner of th?s s?te and whoever was also ded?cated ?n th?s art?cle) the worst th?ngs they can ever ?mag?ne for themselfes. I w?sh for MYSELF that people l?ke you are gonna d?e and there ?s never gonna be born persons l?ke you people because you don’t make our world beaut?ful at all. you don’t even deserve to be called human.

    • matilda

      thats not true i think demis body is perfect you cant be too thin and you cant be too fat you have to be just right demi is just right

  • Anne

    This is ridiculous. Demi’s just feeling comfortable with her body,moreover she isn’t fat, she’s just healthy and I’m happy to see that she’s finally putting on some weight cos it shows that she’s recovering from her past eating disorder. You are just too caught up with the ‘being thin equates to beauty’ thinking. Stop criticising Demi abt her weight gain because at least she’s feeling much happier now than before!

  • 100%lovatic

    You’re just jelaus that you will never achive anything in your life you’re just probably some random loser that wants to feel better by critizising other people please do us a favor and kill yourself nobody cares what you think. FUCK YOU FAT BITCH!!!

  • Cb 123

    Go fuck yourself. First of all-weight and health are two different animals, second- this kid is IN THE HEALING PROCESS, third- she looks great, shes healthy and gorgeous. No wonder she had an eating disorder in the first place with pricks like you running their mouths about her.

  • matilda

    i think demi lovato looks absolutly stunning i felt sorry for her when she was going through her eating disorder i think she is the best and now she looks beautiful not that she wasnt any less beautiful before
    and to james shut up!!!! you just saying that because your skinny and jealous demi is awesome if you have somthing bad to say about someone dont say anything at all how dyou like it if i said you needed a seriuse plastic sergery ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so watch your words! 

  • Lucyblumberg

    EATING DISORDERS KILL! You’re so fucking stupid. It’s a mental illness. She is beautiful, no matter what. Only people that are mentally disturbed would agree with you.

  • Sarah

    Demi Lovato is beautiful just the way she is. she is NOT fat, she simply put on a little weight after battling an eating disorder. so sort your fucken shit and leave her alone

  • MEEhee he

    Lets see your picture. I know you must be a goddess! Am I right?? I was looking Demi up cause I saw her pic and thought she was so beautiful and brave. A blemish is what you are. A huge puss filled blemish on the ass of a hog. If your a man I’m sure you’re not packin anything but a six pack a night. Your gross.

  • Jasmine

    what the fuck is wrong with you? Demi is not fat but infact healthy. she may not be as skinny as she was before but who gives a fuck. its a good thing she doesn’t care about what stupid slags like you lot have to say about her. Fuck off and get a life

  • Jasmine

    what the fuck is wrong with you? Demi is not fat but infact healthy. she may not be as skinny as she was before but who gives a fuck. its a good thing she doesn’t care about what stupid slags like you lot have to say about her. Fuck off and get a life

  • Torigg19

    Discusting. I can’t imagine how low you have to be to write, let alone believe this?! I get knots in my stomach thinking there are people like you in this world. I hope you aren’t really like this and are just trying to get attention.

  • Rukia Ichingo

    I Some what agree. Yeah she look awful Now and looked beatiful before rehab. BUT I have a eating disorder and There NOT FUN. I Am Not a Demi Fan any more ONLY because her music was GREAT BEFORE REHAB . Now it’s crappy Pop and R&B junk she didn’t write. KERLI WROTE SKYSCRAPER. I was really hoping for personal deep music about eating disorder and stuff Not shitty stuff Like Your only My only shorty and Who’s that Boy. I just feel like Demi’s covering up Her Self. Like she’s hiding the hurt and Acting Fine and Happy. You truly Never get over A ED and You can act all You want but it’s Always there. I WANNA HEAR DEMI TALK AND SINK ABOUT. she Needs to women up and stop All this IM HAPPY AND HEATHLY crap.

  • Isa Meira

    Who wrote this is an asshole!!

  • Sarah morris

    people like you are the reason that so many people have depression, eating disorders, cut themselves, ect. and you know what, people like you are probably the reason that people commit suicide. Just think about that for a second, people have felt so bad about themselves and their lives that they thought the only way out was to KILL THEMSLEVES! and before you go thinking its their fault for having these problems, think again! if it wasnt for people like you, telling them that they are too fat or too skinny or not pretty enough or too fake or not good enough or whatever else you tell people, then they wouldnt have these serious problems. any negative thought they ever had about themselves would be brushed off and completely forgoten because it would have no validity. sadlt thats not the case though, you give those thoughts validity and youre most likely the reason those thoughts start. so next time before you go posting something this or say anything negative about someone, just think, if i do this i could be contributing to the death of them. THIS COULD KILL THEM! just think

  • Ck

    You are awesome and funny! Love u