FleshLight Wants to Mold Lindsay Lohan's Crotch | The Blemish

FleshLight Wants to Mold Lindsay Lohan’s Crotch

By on October 27, 2011

Lindsay Lohan accepting Playboy’s six figure offer to pose nude for their magazine opened the floodgates for other porn industry types to throw a bunch of money at her to see what they can get her to do. The latest such company is FleshLight who are offering Lindsay a million dollars to make a mold of her vagina to produce a line of “authentic” Lindsay Lohan sex toys.

We’re told Lindsay hasn’t seen the offer yet … but sources close to the actress tell us, “She would never accept such an offer for any amount of money.” TMZ

First of all, that’s sort of what Lindsay said 3 years ago when Playboy offered her $700,000. Secondly, would anyone be interested in a mold of Lindsay’s vag to use as a fleshlight? That thing would be so loose you could barely use it as a beer cozy.

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  • InstantInvert

    The fleshlight will be bald and freckled
    and soundly reviewed by Poppa

  • unky fisty

    They could use anyone’s fist in West Hollywood for the mold.