Today's News Brought to You by Another Inspired Beyonce Video | The Blemish

Today’s News Brought to You by Another Inspired Beyonce Video

By on October 17, 2011

Before anyone yells “copy cat,” Beyonce already said this was inspired the Jackson 5. So, ha! There! Neener neener neener.

  • Ciara and Cam Newton? [Bossip]
  • Teen Mom Leah wants off the show. Thinks she made a deal with the devil. The funny thing is, she has. [Celebitchy]
  • Salma Hayek shows up at the Puss in Boots premiere. [MoeJackson]
  • Genevieve Morton gets sexy in SI. [GCeleb]
  • Guliana Rancic reveals she has breast cancer. [Celebs]
  • Christina Aguilera is as round as a pumpkin. [Yeeeah]
  • Susan Sarandon calls Pope Bendict XVI a Nazi. [StarPulse]
  • Gwyneth Paltrow let her child play in a public park. The horror! [The Superficial]
  • Food Network’s Guy [Dlisted]
  • Miranda Kerr without makeup still looks alright. [EvilBeet]
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  • nerduguyanon

    i just realized, that’s the same rift that i do when i’m waiting for the train. wow! nice.