The 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Happened | The Blemish

The 2011 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Happened

By on November 10, 2011

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2011 took place on Wednesday in New York. Nicki Minaj, Kanye West and Jay-Z performed while models such as Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr and Alessandra Ambrosio walked the runway modeling outfits you’ll never see a normal person wear. We in the business call that “fashion.” All the models looked pretty hot. As they should considering all the dieting they do leading up to this day. But, jesus, what’s with blurry pictures. Doesn’t anyone know how to focus a camera? You click the shutter button halfway and then press it down after it focuses. It’s not hard, people. It’s not like trying to find the clitoris. I mean, can someone draw me a map or something?

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  • confused

    I’m so confused. I thought the fashion show was supposed to be on the 29th

    • The Blemish

      It’s pre-taped.

  • CamelToeExpo

    More bones and Coke Addicts Great!!

  • Jude

    All those models are married and have kids, it’s great that the fashion industry let’s them have normal lives beyond the hair/makeup.

  • Dereklick

    I like Adriana’s teeth.