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Elisabetta Canalis and Steve-O Actually Dating

By on January 31, 2012

There was a rumor that Elisabetta Canalis and Steve-O were dating. Most people thought there was no way because Steve-O is a big step down from George Clooney. But it’s true and there’s the photo to prove it. Steve-O and Elisabetta were spotted making out in LA making out on Monday.

Let this be a warning, Stacy Keibler. When George Clooney tells you he’s the best you’ll ever have, it’s not a joke. It’s the truth. It’s better you realize it now instead of in 6 months when you’re dating Bam Margera.

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  • Rivierato711

    Holy downgrade batman!

  • What

    That is gross.  She probably has to tie him down and zap his balls with a cattle prod to pleasure him. 

  • GhostofClooney’sdong

    Once Clooney is done with them, it’s like their souls and any sense of cool they had has evaporated for good. Next stop working the Hot Dog on a Stick kiosk at the Sherman Oaks Mall, like Sarah whatshername.