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Today’s News Brought to You by Lindsay’s SNL Promos

By on February 29, 2012

  • Up top: Was that a joke in the first 10 seconds taken from Community?
  • If my mom looked and dressed like Jaime Pressly did in front of her son, I’d have a lot more friends. Too bad all of them would be 16-year-old guys. [The Superficial]
  • After only 1 season, James Spader is leaving The Office. Cancellation in 3.. 2.. 1. [Lainey]
  • Jessica Chastain may be lying about her age. Someone get IMDB Pro on this. [Celebitchy]
  • Coco doing aerial yoga. Yea, I can see why Ice-T married her. [Yeeeah]
  • Jessica Clarke has amazing lingerie photos. Where can I get one or two of her? [GCeleb]
  • Joan Rivers sh*ts all over Angelina Jolie’s leg. Not literally. Though that’d be awesome. [Evil Beet]
  • This grandma wants to be a Cowboys cheerleader. No thanks. [Busted Coverage]
  • Hot and rich. I wish I was Maria Menounos. [MoeJackson]
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  • Chipmunkery

    Wow she has a scratchy bar maid voice and her face looks fat.  She should REALLY lay off the facial fillers.  Looks terrible.

  • westie187

    Face fillers? Maybe she should lay off the coke and heroin. Not to mention the liter of vodka a day. She looks like a porn star. A forty year old pornstar. Rode hard, put away wet.