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Taylor Kitsch Is Terrible at Marketing, Good at Offending Nations

By on March 6, 2012

Good on Lainey for finding this one because it proves that celebrities don’t even use their brain any more. They just go through whatever talking points their publicist give them.

Taylor Kitsch (Friday Night Lights) went on Letterman to promote his new movie John Carter. Letterman asked about what it was like to shoot in the Philippines. Not good, apparently. Taylor says he was harassed by custom officers who denied him entry because he ran out of pages to stamp. Taylor says he even tried bribe him with an iPhone. Kitsch eventually showed them a trailer for John Carter on his iPhone which ended up being the only reason they let him in. By the way, 20 iPhone 4s and 5 iPad 3′s will be waiting on his doorstep when he gets back.

The only problem with this story is Kitsch was never in the Philippines. The Philippine Customs Commissioner conducted an investigation and was rightfully pissed when he found out the truth. He issued a lengthy response proving Taylor Kitsch was never even in the Philippines. He was most likely in Indonesia where he was shooting Savages. The Philippine Customs Commissioner then pounded his chest with a limp wrist and went, “Dur dur dur, Me Taylor Kitsch. Me fail geography.” Actually, no, he had a lengthy response basically saying Taylor was wrong and an apology would be nice. Sure, it was Letterman who started talking about the Philippines but you’d expect Kitsch to have corrected him. Maybe he figured the two places were interchangeable.

If that’s the case, he may want to stop while he’s ahead because I’m going to guess his apology will go something like, “Sorry for confusing the Philippines with Indonesia, but can you blame me? They all look the same.”

By the way, Disney released 10 minutes of John Carter.

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  • ActorsWhoKnowGeographyfor500

    Brains do not come with the script.
    He pretends for money

  • covina movie goer

    how can anyone even with a small brain like taylor have 1 country confused with another country?  people like taylor are the reason why people are believing darwin’s theory (man from ape).

  • covina movie goer

    how can anyone even with a small brain like taylor have 1 country confused with another country?  people like taylor are the reason why people are believing darwin’s theory (man from ape).

  • MikeCrisologo

    balls bigger than brain , huh!

  • Boilermoyer

    Oh come on…let’s not get our panties in a bunch because some guy that’s better looking and has more money than you makes a mistake.  Try to be a little more reasonable before you start flinging pooh like a bunch of monkeys. 

  • BornAndRaisedFilipina

    I originally came from the Philippines and I find this post as equally offensive as Taylor Kitsch’s statement. First of all, “Dur dur dur, Me Taylor Kitsch. Me fail geography.”, don’t want us to be the punchline of this not so funny incident, but the Philippines has probably the highest Asian country with a high population of English speakers and no we don’t speak like cavemen. Lastly, your made up “apology” that Indonesians and Filipinos look alike – c’mon, that is such a racist comment to even imply that all Asians look alike (or just Indonesians and Filipinos). I understand that you are trying to be funny on this post, but I find this more offensive than anything. Thank you. 

    • BornAndRaisedToo

      Hey lady, guess what? I was born and raised in the Philippines, too…and your reply to this post is embarrassing ME! If you read very c a r e f u l l y, you’ll see that the author of the post is mocking Taylor Kitsch and Taylor Kitsch ALONE. The author imagining TK would say “you all look the same” in his apology is an insult to his perceived intelligence, not an insult to Filipinos (or Indonesians). Ano ka ba? Marunong ka ngang mag-ingles, pero di ka naman marunong makaintindi! Wag ka nang mag-comment, lalo mo lang pinalalala yung sitwasyon, pinagmumukha mong tanga ang mga Pinoy!

      • BornAndRaisedFilipina

        The last time I checked this is a free country and free world, which allows me to express my opinion freely without judgment. I respect your opinion but attacking someone(in this case me) for their own is unacceptable. I understand that this is done out of humor, however in my humble opinion is not really funny and does more harm. No need to be rude.

        • BornAndRaisedToo

          It’s true, it is a free country…which means I am just as entitled to respond to your opinion, as you are to express it. Believe me when I say there is NOTHING in this article that should offend you. If there is anyone who should be offended, it is Taylor Kitsch, because all the jabs in this post are aimed at him, and no one else. No need to be butthurt.

          • BornAndRaisedFilipina

            I don’t think you got my point, You expressing your opinion AND attacking me just because we don’t share the same opinion is what I am calling you on. I totally respect your opinion that you feel that is not hurtful but please do respect how I feel about it. I stand my ground, I don’t find this funny at all. I get it, you disagree with me but that doesn’t give you the right to be rude to me or to try to convince me that I am wrong as I am expressing my opinion, of which I expect you to respect. I am not going to waste anymore time clearing that out to you. Let’s just agree to disagree and just leave it at that.  

  • BeyHive

    @321a3e486097505fb606c15acc4d4be4:disqus  YOU DUMB BITCH CUNT!!! You’re so stupid that you want to agree to disagree and leave it like that just because that you’re already dumbfounded?! No wonder why you’re a mail-order bride!

    • WhiteGuy

       hey BeyHive.  You fucking Faggots!  How can you say that filipina is a mail order bride.  Without your like there are no Mail to order bride Moron!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HKNR67SDMUUM5BVJNIUUOTBWJ4 googlicious

    Talk about lack of brain power….those who accused Taylor are as stupid as those 3rd world Philipinas (yes, I am aware that refers to females), It was LETTERMAN who mentioned it was the Phillipines. Also there was NOTHING OFFENSIVE about that story. Shit like that happens at all borders. Talk about over zealous PC crap!!!

  • JP

    Superficial actors being geography-ignorant? I was surprised anymore either