Amanda Bynes Is an Idiot | The Blemish

Amanda Bynes Is an Idiot

By on April 13, 2012

Last night, Amanda Bynes went back to Greystone Manor. The same place she drove off wasted from back in March. Yesterday, Amanda hit up Chateau Marmont and Greystone and while texting behind the wheel, backed her BMW over a curb.

Either this is a cry for help and she wants to get caught or she’s literally retarded. Maybe it’s some form of Asperger syndrome.

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  • Herman Bumfudle

    oh my! i like where this is going! boink!

  • Jerryhenson2289

    Ever 1 know that the Cope hit Her…

  • Cyn Stern

    Thanks for insulting just about every Aspie who ever lived (NOT!). 

    There is definitely something wrong with that woman (and every shallow, vapid, self-absorbed person like her), but her “symptoms” don’t fit with Asperger’s Syndrome (read your DSM- [whatever volume # they're up to now]).

    • Guest

      5 comes out in 2013!

  • Gary

    Amanda and Lindsey should hang out.  They will eventually share the same cell ! 

  • Revenant Shadow

    Chipmunk Face continues to disappoint me with her numbskull antics. :(

  • Carl

    who is she kissing in the picture?

    • fernice

      jennifer lawrence?