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Beyonce Named Most Beautiful Woman in the World

By on April 25, 2012

PEOPLE just got finished naming Beyonce, a 16-time Grammy winner, actress, style and beauty “icon” and new mother, 2012 World’s Most Beautiful Woman.

The award seems more based on merit and current popularity than anything else. Not that Beyonce isn’t beautiful but given the choice between having sex with Megan Fox and Beyonce and barring the option of doing both at the same time, I’d go with Megan Fox.

The award should be titled, “A-lister with the most publicity generated in the past 4 months.” Though to be fair, that would be a little wordy.

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  • Hollistermist

    Fake as hell, let’s see what she actually looked like before… Not so beautiful

    • Babyjp2013

      Lol all jealous stfu and gtfo

  • hERMAN Bumfudle

    wow! beautiful mama!!!

    • Herman Bumfudle

       oops! i kind da lost it there.

  • Obummedout

    Not in the real (white) world.

    • Pmanginga

       u’re such a racist obummedout.