Jose Canseco Trolls for Strange on Twitter | The Blemish

Jose Canseco Trolls for Strange on Twitter

By on April 18, 2012

The next girl Jose tried to hit on was @actuallyAngie. He DM’d her, “Your very pretty how old are you.”

is so smooth. He’s probably going through a checklist he made up for picking up girls on . Item 2 is: “Make sure they’re not underage. Again.”

[via BuzzFeed]

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  • IFthereISaGOD

    Nothing screams  HERPES ! ! ! ! ! !  Like a rich guy posting on public hook up sites for some bareback fucking…the unfortunate skanks that get hooked have little or no recourse for that gift that keeps on giving!  And of course he is such a straight up guy…I’m sorry, I mean a piece of gutter trolling shit that should die of aids with a sided of ass cancer and mouth cancer just for good measure.  Does that sound good enough for that fucking asshole?  Naw…maybe on his death bed he can see his mother(on her death bed) tell him how disappointed she is in him and hopes he goes straight to hell.  Now multiply that my a MILLION and maybe that gets close.