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Lindsay Lohan Willing to Mentor Amanda Bynes

By on April 18, 2012

Amanda Bynes is currently in a downward spiral and seems poised to crash and burn in a glorious spectacle. In the past few months, she was seen stumbling out of a bar drunk, getting behind the wheel drunk, sideswiping a cop car drunk resulting in a DUI and trying to go back to the same bar the day after. She’s also waved off rehab. If things weren’t bad enough, sources say Lindsay Lohan is more than willing to have a chat with Amanda.

According to one of Lindsay Lohan’s best friends, the actress would be more than happy to chat with Amanda Bynes, hoping the young actress’ recent DUI arrest and resulting intense media scrutiny won’t mirror LiLo’s own troubled years — which now, happily, appear to behind her.

According to my own L.A. paparazzi sources, Bynes will be in for continuing attention from the paps — especially as the former child star continues to party hearty in the days since she was pulled over for that alleged DUI. SunTimes

How I would love to be a fly on the wall during that conversation. Can you imagine getting advice from Lindsay Lohan? She couldn’t make a good decision if you tattooed a flow chart on her arm. The conversation would probably go something like, “Here’s a tip: If you have to drink, pour the Vodka in a water bottle. Hey, you got any weed?”

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  • Aaron Saltzer

    Well, obviously she has made a good decision. She’s not drinking alcohol anymore and has decided to complete her probation instead of blowing it off like she has in the past. You people need to stop putting people down all the time. Seriously, do you feel bad when you write these tabloids to get money?

    • Amyc612

      She’s not publically drinking alcohol. For someone who’s “recovering” Lindsay goes out too much. Most people who have been sober for 10 years won’t go to a bar or club. That bitch has been “sober” for what? Two months? Give me a break.

  • Michael Prymula

    Hey dumbfuck!  Lindsay obviously has had made good decisions, she finished her community service, hosted SNL for the foruth time(not to mention scoring the highest ratings of the season) is soon to be playing Elizabeth Taylor and is also scheduled to appear on Glee, can you same about Amanda?  Didn’t think so!  She hasn’t done any kind of work in over 2 years and now seems to be making one bad decision after another, so yes right now, Lindsay is actually the perfect person to give her advice, nobody knows better then her the damage that drinking can do to a career(wouldn’t be surprised if Amanda has done drugs as well).She can relate to Amanda better then anyone else I can think of, so if Lindsay gives her advice, she might actually listen instead of insisting that she dosen’t have a problem.

    • The Blemish

      Playing Elizabeth Taylor and appearing on Glee. You mean sort of like how she was supposed to play Linda Lovelace?

      • Amyc612

        For someone who was so excited to get back to work, why hasn’t she even signed the contract for the Liz Taylor flick? Haha. People are giving her the benefit of the doubt but the truth is Lindsay is over. She was at the top and fell the fuck off and she’s no Robert Downey jr. She will never be where she was. Lindsay only completed her required community service because someone finally gave her the kick in the ass she needed. She’s a hot mess and always will be. I knew her from birth – 16 when she left Cold Spring Harbor and moved to her grandmothers in Merrick because her family was living out of CSH district and going to CSH high school TAX FREE. Bitch got kicked out of the best school on the island while being “famous”. No one took her shit in my school haha

        • INeverLie

          Yes, she is one hot mess.  Got any more interesting stories you want to share.  It’s always fund to run into someone who knows a celebrity.  Post away cause I love reading this sh*t.

        • INeverLie

          Yes, she is one hot mess.  Got any more interesting stories you want to share.  It’s always fund to run into someone who knows a celebrity.  Post away cause I love reading this sh*t.

    • Shelbidawn

      I agree

  • JessicaWright33294

    I think this would be good. Lindsay seems to be moving in the right direction as of late

  • Whydidyoupickher

     Thief will always be tattoed across her forehead.

  • Whydidyoupickher

    I’m talking about Lindsay here, not Amanda.  There is NO comparison between the two.  Lindsay is a convicted Thief and a liar.  Amanda should give HER coaching, not the other way around.

    The tattoo of Thief will never go away, it’s stuck on her for life.

  • Circaser

    Maybe Paris or Britney, but Lindsay….maybe not the best choice, but shes been through a lot, & probably has some words of wisdom….

  • 6of7

    Hahahahahaha…….she probably just wants the name of a new dealer.

    • Noirnoir

      Is it just me or does Amanda have some of the worst tits in hollywood?

  • Shelbidawn

    Lol I don’t think so It seems like to me Lindsay is really getting her life together I mean remember last year Lindsay didn’t care what the judge said she did whatever she wanted and look at her now!:) yeah but what I was reading about that other girl it sounded like Lindsay wait mean the old Lindsay :).I’m glad Lindsay wants to talk to her I hope she gets to maybe that girl wake up!I mean all we can do is
    Pray I mean Lindsay might actually change and save somebody’s life!!:)I’m on lindsay’s side go LILO!!!!god bless you!!!!!!:) I’ll pray for both!!:)

  • Whaaaatt

    I’ve been waiting for this porno!!