Don't Ask Megan Fox About Her Baby | The Blemish

Don’t Ask Megan Fox About Her Baby

By on May 7, 2012

There still hasn’t been a clear confirmation that Megan Fox is pregnant and there still isn’t and won’t be in the near future. Steve Jones interviewed Megan for Entertainment Tonight about being the face of Sharper Image. He then tried to slip in a question about her rumored baby. Megan laughed it off but her handler was pissed and ended the interview. That’s pretty much all the confirmation anyone needs. Unless you want to go one step further and pretend to slap her in the stomach and see how hard she flinches.

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  • Jalpert

    Megan Fox better not be pregnant or I’m turning in my “horndog card”.

  • Andy

    She’s pregnant. She went to my middle school while I saw her every morning.