Jennifer Love Hewitt Vajazzled Her Vagina | The Blemish

Jennifer Love Hewitt Vajazzled Her Vagina

By on May 14, 2012

When you’re at home alone with your cats, like I assume is all the time, besides checking out those three wedding rings you’ve picked out for your future fiance to buy you and making a list of all the single celebrities to ask out in the next issue of Us Weekly, there’s not a lot to do.

Which is why JLH had time to vajazzle (vagina bedazzle) herself in preparation for A&E Networks 2012 Upfront event. JLH told NYDN she stuck Swarovski crystals on her vagina because it was a special occasion, adding, “I’m full of good energy.”

Thus, another reason is added to the ever growing list titled, “Reasons Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Still Single,” or, alternatively, “Why Jennifer Love Hewitt Seems Batsh*t Crazy.”

PS: I know the title is a little repetitive so just deal with it.

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  • Nicole 20

    Keep in mind ur job is just to follow her around so really who r u to be rudely commenting on hers, just live and let live, u guys are just trying o turn her into this psychotic being, just rudely interrupting her life. Just let JLH be JHL and stop trying to turn her into this made up Hollywood story of an actress ….

  • Gus

    Snappy nappy dugout…

  • Rawrr

    she puts crystals near her jine, this is old boring news. And cats are awesome.

  • no one

    I just wish she would show her Vajzzling :D

  • M.


  • poon

    pics or it didn’t happen.