Jessica Simpson Signs $4M Weight Watchers Contract | The Blemish

Jessica Simpson Signs $4M Weight Watchers Contract

By on May 10, 2012

In real life, people have to pay other people like personal trainers to force them into shape. In the celebrity world, organizations pay people like Jessica Simpson $4 million ($3 million if you listen to ABC News) to stop being so fat.

On one hand, it’s sort of unfair. On the other hand, no one wants to keep looking at a fat Jessica Simpson.

“She’ll have to meet the weight-loss goals for the deal to go through,” says the source. And for that, she’ll need to get serious with a celebrity trainer. “She hasn’t cho­sen a trainer yet,” the source adds. “In fact, she hasn’t even thought about working out for a year. [ed note: obviously] But if she wants this, she’ll need to work out a good five days a week.”

Before things spiral out of control, someone should tell Jessica that Weight Watchers doesn’t mean you just stand on a scale and watch your weight go up as you tear into a drumstick.

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