Movies & TV

  • Pan Am, Charlie’s Angels, Awake, Prime Suspect, Playboy Club, CSI: Miami, Rob, NYC 22, Terra Nova, Alcatraz, The Finder, Ringer, The Secret Circle and H8R are all shows you won’t be seeing next season. Because they’re canceled. Good riddance.
  • 30 Rock, Gossip Girl and Fringe will have their final seasons next year.
  • Community and Glee have been shuffled around. The former being given the death slot on Fridays and the latter relegated to Thursdays.
  • Avengers broke every record imaginable reaching $1 billion in just 19 days. It also became the best second weekend ever earning $103.2 million, became the fastest movie to reach $200 million in 3 days, the fastest to reach $300 million in 9 days, the fastest to reach $350 million in 10 days and highest eight, nine and 10-day grosses (via FilmDrunk). It’s safe to say a sequel is in the works. Right after studio execs stuff a few garbage bags with $100 bills, light them on fire and throw them into Skid Row.


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