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Tom Hardy Anonymously Comments on Stories About Himself

By on May 22, 2012

You know that anonymous commenter on the blog post you wrote saying is totally gay and ’s accent makes Bane hard to understand and I’ll have ’s babies even though I’m a man? What? You didn’t write that last one? Oh, uh, anyway. That anonymous commenter might be .

Vulture caught up with Hardy and asked him about his beard he’s sporting for Mad Max which took five months to grow out. Hardy says he already trimmed it a lot because people were “saying it’s grizzly.” When pressed about which people he’s talking about, Hardy replied, “Oh, I’m a terrible reader of the Internet and stuff like that.” The internet? That’s me!

And you read what people say about you?
Yeah, ’cause in my head, I’m still not famous. It’s like, “Hey, I’m on this site!” Or [to my fiancée], “Look at what we were wearing last night! And everyone says you look great.” And then someone will say, “Tom Hardy is a cunt because … ” What? WHAT?

And then do you reply anonymously?
Yes, sometimes! Wouldn’t you? Sometimes no one’s defending my corner! And then what you find — I’ve done it before — is that it’s a forest fire that you can’t put out. It’s like [when commenters say], “Is he gay? Isn’t he gay?” Does it matter? Does it actually?

I’ll just assume from now on that most celebrities do this and that whenever I troll Demi Lovato and her fans by calling her fat, it’s just Demi responding in the comments telling me I’m an asshole.

[via Jezebel]

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  • 3″ Hardy

    Is there a dispute…is someone saying you’re not an asshole?

    • The Blemish

      The only answer I can give to that are muffled sobs.