YouTube Bans Kate Upton 'Cat Daddy' Video | The Blemish

YouTube Bans Kate Upton ‘Cat Daddy’ Video

By on May 2, 2012

YouTube clutched their pearls so tightly when they saw showing off her fancy Cat Daddy moves in a yesterday that they ended up banning the video claiming it violated their policy on nudity or sexual content. Which is complete bs since there are a ton of spammy videos worse than this like here (NSFW) and here (NSFW and even has nipple but is age restricted).

Luckily, YouTube isn’t the only video sharing site around so the video was uploaded to Vimeo whose rules aren’t so puritan. Speaking of puritan, here’s photos of Kate Upton in her shoot with her nipples shopped out. Possibly at her request. Why you no have nipples, Kate Upton?!

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  • Madame Von Snow

    lol amazing what some people will do for attention. Scary.