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Jenny McCarthy Will Show Lots of Bush in Playboy Spread

By on June 11, 2012

Jenny McCarthy wants to do one last Playboy shoot before her entire body goes to hell. Her spread will be the July/August cover of the magazine. In an interview on Today, Jenny was asked if she’d show everything.

“What’s everything?” she said with a laugh during an interview on Today. “I mean I grew out a bush so nobody sees anything.”

“I figured [I'd do it] one more time before everything really falls apart. Why not? And [my son] Evan’s tuition was really expensive this year.”

The old adage is true. Behind every perfectly coifed exterior lies an unruly bush thicker and more dangerous than the jungles of Vietnam. I bet when she takes off her panties all you hear is “poof!”

Hopefully the photographer for her shoot will take one look at her crotch, shake his finger and hand her either a razor or a home waxing kit.

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  • Bushman

    Long live the hairy bush, thank you Jenny! Bring hairy pussy back!

  • NtheBush

    Shake the finger at waxed, shaved, bald pussy. A grown women has a hairy bush and proud of it. Long live the hairy bush!