Kristen Bredehoeft of 'Flipped Off' Has Nude Leaked Photos | The Blemish

Kristen Bredehoeft of ‘Flipped Off’ Has Nude Leaked Photos

By on June 12, 2012

Apparently these things come in threes. Following Snooki’s leaked nude photos comes leaked nude photos of , star of A&E’s Flipped Off. The full frontal photo was released by her ex-boyfriend on Twitter who said,  ”I have a ton of naked pics of Kristen Bredehoeft and will be posting a few each day. I also have a sex tape she doesn’t know about so keep checking back.”

Sadly, he never got a chance because Bredehoeft’s lawyers swooped in threatening to sue if he didn’t take the image down. Of course, the internet never forgets and the very NSFW photo lives on here.

I don’t know why she’d want the picture taken down though. She looks amazing. Her body is tighter than a masseur’s butthole when they’re asked to massage John Travolta.

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