Miley Cyrus Responds to Cutting Rumors by Pretending to Cut | The Blemish

Miley Cyrus Responds to Cutting Rumors by Pretending to Cut

By on June 8, 2012

Miley Cyrus responded to all those rumors that she cuts herself by having her friend post a photo of her on Instagram looking like she’s cutting herself. Suck it, haters. Or, whatever.

The friend who posted it says it has nothing to do with her cutting herself and that “It’s just a freaking bracelet picture and it’s a bracelet she’s had and worn for years. Clearly, she isn’t cutting herself. It’s a handcuff bracelet and she’s just showing it off, that’s all. Like really, she’s not cutting herself. It’s simply a bracelet she’s showing off.”

All those rumors were ridiculous anyway. Miley wouldn’t cut herself. Who do you think she is? Demi Lovato?

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  • DLovatic

    Demi Lovato’s cutting problem was just that: a problem. Nothing to joke about. Cutting is a serious issue and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. At all.


    what the fuck is wrong with you? cutting is a serious topic, don’t joke about it or about Demi. Stfu.

  • allegra

    you are seriously a freak.
    i’m pretty sure miley didn’t even post that picture to make a joke about cutting, because it’s actually a severe disease
    and about the “demi lovato” thing, get some sensibility


    • yaMama

      Shut up

  • lola.

    making a joke about cutting isn’t funny at all whether you’re a fan of Demi Lovato or not. Learn how to interpret your words because it doesn’t look like you’re getting somewhere far by bringing up another celebrity’s issue. It’s not funny and people won’t take it lightly. Miley Cyrus even defends Demi about her issues and stands up for anyone who has a problem with this so anyone can doubt she is letting a friend or herself make a joke about that. Research the celebrities topic before you make an ass of yourself.

  • Nipster

    No comments on the nips???

    • The Blemish


  • Your an asshole

    Oh wow let’s just joke a about how fucked up someone’s life is! Cause thats so going to help their self esteem, asshole. Demi lovato has a PROBLEM and many other girls and guys suffer from this same PROBLEM. It’s a problem, and nothing to joke about. You guys make me sick

  • Andie

    Cutting is serious. Why would you joke about it? I hope you can reflect on what cutters might feel. I for on am a cutter. Thats just rude and so immature. Demi has been through more in a year then you have in your entire life. Its people like you that make us hate ourselves.

  • Luc

    How can you even joke about that you heartless people, Demi had a problem, stfu, you’re really harsh, “who does she is? Demi Lovato?” imagine of she read that, how would it make her feel? She kept her feelings bottled up for years, until one day she couldnt stand it anymore, she spoke about it on interviews, telling people keeping your feelings in isn’t good, leave her alone!

  • olivia

    The joke about Demi isn’t even funny.