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Kate Middleton Has More Topless Photos

By on September 17, 2012

In response to legal threats by the Royal Family over publication of those nude vacation photos, Italian magazine Chi, sister to the French magazine Closer who published the first set of photos, released 18 more of nude sunbathing at a private villa in Provence.

Chi editor Alfonso Signorini tweeted that not even the Queen could stop him from publishing the photos. Chi only published 18 out of the 200 photos and implied these were the most scandalous, sort of debunking rumors that there were more “intimate” pictures in the set.

Why the Royals are suing over these in the first place is beyond me. They’re so out of focus and blurry, I might as well be looking at Big Foot. I mean, are those tits or a Birken bag?

NSFW gallery starts here.

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