Heidi Montag Showed Up to Her Vegas Strip Show | The Blemish

Heidi Montag Showed Up to Her Vegas Strip Show

By on October 22, 2012

Because ’s star has fallen pretty far pretty quickly, she agreed to host Crazy Horse III’s three year anniversary in Vegas on Friday night. She didn’t strip because her plastic parts would have melted under the hot lights. She did bring along Spencer Pratt and set out on a mission to get her first lap dance.

Well, mission accomplished. One witness says she chose two dancers and showered them with $1 bills. Three of them to be exact. She’s a very big spender.

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  • el

    She f*=*Ed herself up, her face is frozen. She used to be so pretty.

    • Soncie22

      and she was such a nice girl, until she met and married that bumbling idiot Spender!

  • RussianMobPrincess

    I cannot stop laughing…and throwing up at the same time. :)