Hugh Jackman Taught Gangnam Style by Psy | The Blemish

Hugh Jackman Taught Gangnam Style by Psy

By on October 17, 2012

No, the Wolverine sequel won’t be part musical like how Spider-Man 3 was. Baby Jesus would kill himself if that happened. Psy was just visiting the set of Wolverine and teaching Hugh Jackman, who just turned 44 last week, how to dance. Gangnam Style. Psy even got his own claws. I wish I had my own claws. You know how much more annoying it could be when I poke someone?

Anyway, it’s a little less awesome when you watch the video. There’s no music so it’s just them fake riding a horse with Wolverine claws. If I was there, I would have at least loudly hummed the music.

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