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The Playboy Mansion Halloween Party

By on October 29, 2012

The Playboy Mansion held a Halloween party last Saturday. Apparently the theme that night was to dress as yourself because Paris Hilton dressed as a party girl from Carnivale, Sean Combs and his friends dressed in jheri curls, Brandon Davis dressed as a pig and Chris Brown just came in a t-shirt and knocked out every girl he walked past. Just kidding but come to think of it, the perfect costume for Chris would be Little Mac from Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! Right? Right?!

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  • Kyli

    The promotional part of the party was set up by company calling
    themselves “Kandy/Karma”, this company claims themselves as charity but
    who really knows how much of the money they make charging door entry to
    this event goes into their own pockets!??! Sadly, Playboy’s golden days
    are over, when they are charging door entry to a so called “Hugh Hefner”
    event you know it is no longer a true Playboy Party. In the early
    2000′s you could still experience a real party, his main girls were not
    allowed to go around selling tickets nor was any company held
    accountable at making sales for entry into his parties. I experienced
    first hand last nights set up, and what has become of the Playboy image
    and parties. The check-in for this party was a complete mess, they mass
    emailed invites (who does that for a “real” playboy party) to their
    (Kandy/Karma) email list so basically what you got was a cattle call of
    every type. Then once there (on time) the majority were told to wait
    around and see if wristbands were still available, what is that
    about??!!!! What I experienced last night was complete lack of control
    of the Playboy image and standards. The company (Kandy/Karma) that has
    come to be synonymous with this Halloween event for the past few years
    should be held accountable for furthering the degradation of the whole
    Playboy image.

  • natalie905

    I hope she stayed outta the grotto, no need for her depositing any more microbes in there. After all didn’t they have an outbreak of Legionnaires disease there last year?