Even Canadians Hate Justin Bieber | The Blemish

Even Canadians Hate Justin Bieber

By on November 27, 2012

Over Thanksgiving weekend, Justin Bieber was in Canada in his overalls accepting a bs medal from the Prime Minister. Him being awarded it was probably based more on the shrieking of 13-year-old girls rather than popular opinion because when he performed Boyfriend at Canada’s Grey Cup Halftime Show, everyone booed him. In fact, they booed him when they said his name and when they showed his face on the Jumbotron. It was a sea of boos Justin couldn’t swag himself out of. Granted, the boos were drowned out by high pitched shrieking that made me want to stab my ears with a chopstick. So I guess the whole thing was a wash.

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  • Rags

    That should be ESPECIALLY Canadians hate it.

  • .

    I feel sorry for Canada-that doosh is giving the country a very bad rap.

  • Cherry Cherry

    I used to think Celine Dion was the worst thing to come out of Canada…Oh when will his 15 minutes ever be up?