Justin Bieber Can't Decide Between Selena Gomez or Supermodels | The Blemish

Justin Bieber Can’t Decide Between Selena Gomez or Supermodels

By on November 13, 2012

According to reports, Justin Bieber met with Selena Gomez on Sunday at a NYC hotel to discuss their future. The two talked about what led to the breakup or, rather, why Selena broke it off with him. Nothing was resolved during the meeting and it’s not clear whether there’s even a possibility of getting back together.

Everything is up in the air actually. Especially since sources say Justin is conflicted between getting back together with Selena and trying to have sex with the supermodels he’s been hanging out with.

This is one of those tough decisions every guy has to face when they’re 18. Do you try to get back with Selena Gomez or bang a bunch of supermodels? I really feel sorry for the guy. Wait, no I don’t. F*ck him and his wonderful life.

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  • mayner

    Justin i hate u

  • Zaxxon

    He used that pumpkin head