Lindsay's Assistant Ratted Her Out | The Blemish

Lindsay’s Assistant Ratted Her Out

By on November 8, 2012

When you’re planning on lying to the cops, it’s best to get your story straight with your assistant or else you’ll just look like a jackass. *Looks at Lindsay Lohan*

Lindsay told cops that she wasn’t behind the wheel of the Porsche she rear-ended a big rig with. Everyone said differently. Including her assistant Gavin who was questioned shortly after the crash at the hospital. According to law enforcement sources, he told cops he was in the passenger seat during the accident and that Lindsay was driving.

Yea, Linday is a liar but that Gavin sure does squeal like a little piggy. The cops probably had never seen someone crack under pressure as fast as him. He probably broke right when the police introduced themselves.

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  • Nicholas Cobraetti

    Yeah. He should lie for his drug-addled, lying thief of a boss who tried to throw him under the bus to avoid responsibility for her own actions.
    That’s not “cracking under pressure,” that’s being smart.