Will Joseph Gordon-Levitt Be the New Batman? | The Blemish

Will Joseph Gordon-Levitt Be the New Batman?

By on November 27, 2012

EW tries to answer the question everyone’s been asking ever since Hitfix published the rumor that will be the new and make a cameo in Man of Steel to tie the Justice League movie together.

The news is surprising for a few reasons, not least because the Dark Knight trilogy seemed like a complete saga hermetically sealed in a non-superpowered reality. Then again, DC Comics does have a history of passing superhero mantles through various secret identities — even Bruce Wayne hasn’t always been Batman. And Christopher Nolan is producing Man of Steel. And Joseph Gordon-Levitt didn’t explicitly turn down the idea of starring in Justice League when asked by Hitfix over the summer. And and and…

Instead of endlessly speculating, EW decided to contact the reps. Aw, you’re no fun. JGL’s rep called the report false but there’s still hope they’re lying.

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