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Jessica Biel’s Pit Bull Is Weird

By on December 14, 2012

caught her pit bull Tina sleeping in the planter on the balcony the other day because pit bulls do whatever the hell they want. They’re pit bulls. It’s like, hey, Mr. Pit Bull, that’s my steak! “Growl, growl.” But, uh, you can have it.

Anyway, Biel assured everyone the dog has an actual dog bed. Not that it matters because she’ll sleep anywhere. A planter, Jessica Biel’s suitcase and even on top of her. Tina does not give any f*cks.

Also, who would name their pit Tina? Every Tina I knew was small at around 4 ft tall. This seems like a misnomer. It’s like nicknaming Andre the Giant “Tiny.”

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  • matthew

    Whyvwould it be weird to be named Tina? Solely because its a pit?

    • Cookiemonster


  • Susanne

    Really ? Animals all have some odd things they do, I bet if this was some Foo Foo little dog you’d be saying it’s cute.

    This article’s weird and pretty lame, you clearly have no idea about Pitbulls.

    • Cookiemonster

      Other than pitbulls are bred to kill and maim.

      • Fran

        Hey Cookiemonster, maybe it’s time to get beyond kid’s cartoons or seeing “cookie” monsters? Real monsters usually walk on TWO legs and are in human form. Time to elevate yourself to reading actual studies and listening to EXPERT opinions instead of reading the cheap tabloid stuff?

        HEY, how about watching a REAL documentary in lieu of kid’s cartoons or media scare tactics to get gullible hits?

        Check out the documentary “Beyond the Myth” for true enlightenment, that is IF you want to get away from cartoons and really educate yourself regarding dogs. “Beyond The Myth” is now on pay for view.

      • SNG404

        OOOOO Cookie Monster…You are a troll aren’t you?! LOL You MUST get out of your garbage can more and see the world. You would learn more that way….but, then, you don’t want to, do you. You want to be right and everyone else is not just wrong, but also Stupid…….BUT… is you who is ignorant. Your comments are like saying all Germans are bad or all Jewish descendants are cheap, or all Hispanics are Welfare abusers…

        Ha ha think carefully now….

    • Victor

      No, it would be weird.

      Also, you’re right, I have no idea about Pitbulls, other than they are international lovers, but I have some idea about pit bulls.

  • COjar

    This report is weird and it’s obvious the writer does not own or is familiar with canine behavior. Tina, like any other dog, is enjoying her afternoon sun drenched nap. And if you know any dog, they choose the most comfortable spot. So don’t knock til you try it :P

    And one other note, pit bulls do NOT do whatever the hell they want. They do whatever it takes to please their Alpha. Jessica Biel is one lucky lady to have a beautiful pup like Tina.

    • Cookiemonster

      Until it bites her face, b/c pit bulls are vicious and unstable.

      • COjar

        What’s truly vicious and unstable are ignorance, discrimination, and abuse. Any dog treated without love, without respect, and with mistreatment will have behavioral issues. Apparently you already have succumb to this ignorance and discrimination.

      • Carissa

        where are you getting your info , pitbulls are amazing loving loyal dogs , yes like ANY dog they can bite !!! obviously you have not had the pleasure of owning or being around a pitbull so dont judge the breed !!!!

  • sanb

    I wish people werent so ignorant about pits ,they are a wonderful breed,sweet as they can be,you cant judge and generalize the whole breed!!do you own one thats why you know they are killers????vicious and unstable??you should watch a documentary called Beyond The Myth and get some culture about the breed.

  • Fran

    Just goes to show how lame media can be. Some media outlets allow staff to write just about any nonsense to get a celebrity name or the term “pit bull” in a heading? Using this double whammy shows how desparate for hits some “reporters” or media outlets are.

    • Victor

      You mean like how some people are desperate to turn a jokey article into an argument about the perception of pit bulls in the media? Mm yea.