Weight Watchers Furious at Jessica Simpson | The Blemish

Weight Watchers Furious at Jessica Simpson

By on December 6, 2012

Jessica Simpson had to shoot her first Weight Watchers commercial from the waist up because she didn’t lose enough pounds. She went on to lose a staggering 70 pounds and filmed another one. This time they shot a new commercial using her full body. Weight Watchers was happy. Their cash cow was finally paying off.

However, now that Jessica is possibly pregnant again, they’re back to being pissed. Weight Watchers doesn’t know if they even want to air the commercial because “no one wants to hear about a pregnant woman dieting.”

They’re right. No one wants to hear about a pregnant woman. At all. Especially not Jessica Simpson who balloons up 100 pounds. Watching her gain pregnancy weight as almost as depressing as looking at the Faces of Meth.

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  • blasted1

    Well, at least you got the “cow”part right. She never came close to losing 70lbs and you would know that if you would’ve looked at her tiny feet and fat friggin’ legs. I admit, it was hard to tell with her hiding behind scary-huge purses and tunic tops and industrial, titanium spanx, but that 70 lb. loss line is just a Weight Watchers P.R. guy doing his job. Jessica is “slim” like poor Mariah Carey is “slim.”

  • richard head

    Its people like you blasted1, that cause anorexia. You shouldn’t expect everyone to be rail thin. Its boring anyways.

  • weight watchers pink slip

    it’s people like richard head that cause obesity. saying people are boring unless they are fat and lie about it in ads shot from the neck up like jessica simpson

  • Phil

    Sorry, kid…this is the entertainment business, where good looks are part of the deal, and let’s be real–the only asset Jessica ever had was her good looks (because she certainly can’t sing or act). If you can’t maintain it and you have nothing else to fall back on, you might as well step away.