Doughnuts Shut Down the 880 Today | The Blemish

Doughnuts Shut Down the 880 Today

By on January 28, 2013

No, not the delicious kind of doughnuts. This morning on Interstate 880 near the Coliseum, a group of about a dozen drivers shut down the northbound lanes so they could pull some doughnuts. The crew quickly dispersed when someone yelled, “5-0.” A CHP officer said,

“In my 35 years in the department, I’ve never seen anything like this,” CHP Sgt. Diana McDermott told reporters Monday. “It’s just unreasonable, it looks like something you would see on a video game or something, but these are real-life incidents, and it takes seconds – seconds – for a fatal collision to happen at any time.” SF Gate

He added, “You said something about doughnuts, right?”

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