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Kristen Stewart Is Photogenic

By on January 21, 2013

This shot of Kristen Stewart is from W Magazine’s Best Performances photoshoot. It’s far from the glamorous shots you usually see celebrities in. In fact, it’s like they pulled a meth head off the street, put her in a fancy dress, propped her up on a couch and took pictures. What is this. My basement?

The only reason you know this is Kristen Stewart is because a meth addict would have been able to show way more emotion.

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  • Lillian

    I wish we all look as good with no makeup. Just because she has none on does not make her look as a crack head as some have pointed out. We all have bags and discoloration under eyes with no make up on. She just looks way better than most of us. Get over it people. Kristen can’t take a bad picture. I think she looks great with or without makeup on

  • Vichachino

    Yes Lilian, she’s pretty even without make up,.i admire her natural beauty,. She’s cool.

  • juskrisvril

    even without make up on….she’s hot…

  • Ben

    LMFAO at the last line

  • denn

    She looks like she is stoned, drugged or drunk.

  • alice

    We all look better than her with or without make up, speak for yourself Kstew fans. She looks like a druggie. Naasty