Lil Wayne Tattooed 'Baked' on His Face | The Blemish

Lil Wayne Tattooed ‘Baked’ on His Face

By on January 3, 2013

Because his brain has been irreparably damaged by drugs thus shrinking his decision making cortex into the size of a pea, Lil Wayne tattooed the word “Baked” on his head. According to reports, Wayne is just paying tribute to skateboard company Baker. He recently noted that he’s into skateboarding more than rapping now proving to everyone he may be aging backwards. Mentally at least.

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  • Hypestyle

    Wayne’s into the skateboard “image” more than he’s into actually participating recreationally. Same thing as when he took to flaunting an electric guitar onstage while just barely plucking at it; it was mainly a prop. Same thing with the skateboards.

  • k o

    If you’ve had over 100 songz in the Top 200 on Billboard charts Y NOT????