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Sofia Vergara’s Fiancé Seems a Little Jealous

By on January 2, 2013

Sofia Vergara’s fiancé Nick Loeb was kicked out of Miami club Story on NYE after getting into an altercation in the VIP section. A witness described a little “pushing and shoving” before the fight was broken up.

Another witness went into more detail saying Nick got angry when Sofia took a picture with a stranger. He started screaming at her and had to be pulled off by security. Sofia’s dress ended up being torn. Probably not in the good cartoony way either where it unravels and leaves her naked.

Four security guards grabbed Nick and threw him out the back. Sofia followed behind. The two then went back to their hotel. Reps for Sofia and Nick could not be reached.

It’s true that Nick seems to have jealousy issues but in his defense, Sofia couldn’t have known shaking my penis wasn’t actually a customary greeting in my culture.

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