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Taylor Swift Single Again

By on January 8, 2013

Coming as a shock to no one, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have split. This despite video of them kissing on New Year’s Eve in Times Square. Turns out they broke up soon afterward when they jetted off to the island of Virgin Gorda where they got into a fight. Swift headed back to the US last Friday while Styles partied at nearby Necker Island.

No word on what the fight was about but Taylor tweeted, “’til you put me down,” on Saturday. What that means is anyone’s guess but it probably has something to do with her feeling like she was wronged. Much like she has been in every other relationship of hers.

She’s probably at home right now making up revenge lyrics. Of course, not one line will contain the words, “Maybe it’s me.”

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  • Dust Shooter

    Taylor needs to hook up with an OLDER MAN who can show her what it’s all about. These “boys” she dates are basically girls with dicks. Sure, I’ll volunteer.