Amanda Bynes Just Called Jay-Z Ugly? | The Blemish

Amanda Bynes Just Called Jay-Z Ugly?

By on February 6, 2013

In a deleted tweet by Amanda Bynes, Amanda posted a picture of Jay-Z in glasses and wrote “Ugly face.”

Let me just take a moment to say, SHOTS FIRED! SHOTS FIRED!

In retaliation, I hope Jay-Z draws a handlebar mustache over a picture of Amanda with her cheek piercing, posts it on Twitter and writes, “I’ll show you how to do this, son!” And then drops the mic. Or, I guess, posts a picture of him dropping a mic.

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  • master yoda

    She pretty much pegged that one, although it is certainly no secret.

  • Piggles

    No secret… he is ugly..

  • NoAvatarThanks

    Well, he is sorta “hard-favored”. Will be interesting to see what kind of flack she will receive. Will she be called a racist?

    • Victor

      Doubt it. She’s already declared her love for black men.

  • Me

    Well, he is. Ugly that is. For some reason almost all hip-hop-artists are either ugly, dressed like crap or mind-boggling stupid – or a combination. Must be in that so-called culture.

    About Amanda, she changes her mind about everything several times a day, so she may be a racist today, or was a minute ago, or something. Oh, and I think she’s Jewish so that always makes the racist thing even more awkward and confusing.

  • JohnRos

    whatever lol