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January Jones Was Flirting With Miley Cyrus’ Boyfriend

By on February 27, 2013

January Jones won’t tell anyone who the father of her baby is. Possibly because they’re married or possibly because it’s none of our business. Who knows? Women, always so secretive about the comings and goings of their uterus.

Regardless, people now think she’s attracted to taken men. Ergo, why Star via Radar says January Jones and Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus’ trophy fiance, were flirting at a pre-Oscars party.

“It looked like they had some hot chemistry,” an eyewitness at the event tells Star. “They were all over each other – and they even kissed!”

Meanwhile, Miley, who has been gushing about her relationship with the Hunger Games star in several recent interviews, even referring to him as her “hubby,” hit up the Elton John AIDS Foundation bash on Sunday night solo, where she was “all over the place,” a source tells Star.

Jones and Hemsworth partied together at the Chateau Marmont and even left in the same car. This could be a case of one friend giving another a ride or a case of January taking him to her place, pointing to her crotch and telling him to put a baby in her. Both scenarios make a lot of sense, honestly.

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  • elaine

    I dont think there is a guy in Hollywood this female hasnt slept with. This is no surprise! She never wants to get her own man. She prefers to borrow other womens fellas. What a skank..hope he used a condom or two.

  • Sarah

    Oh Elaine, well done on missing all the subtext.