Jennifer Lawrence Smoking Weed in Hawaii | The Blemish

Jennifer Lawrence Smoking Weed in Hawaii

By on February 28, 2013

After winning her Oscar, Jennifer Lawrence dyed her hair black and headed for Hawaii to start filming Catching Fire, the next chapter of The Hunger Games: They’re So Hungry.

Since acting is tough, Jennifer spent the day on her balcony relaxing with a bottle of red wine and a funny looking cigarette. I’m not saying that’s a joint she’s holding, but that’s a joint she’s holding.

You probably think they’re filming Hunger Games in Hawaii for its exotic locale but it’s really for its exotic locale AND amazing weed. She probably got so high that she tried to turn her Oscar into a bong and when she couldn’t, she tried to eat it thinking it was like one of those gold chocolate coins.

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  • Laura

    Wow! Mixing alcohol and drugs, great idea! Another doped actress… The United States has just great examples for their children!

    • Victor

      Weed and alcohol doesn’t lead to death.

    • tishy

      wow, calling out an entire country? and just where are you from?

    • Lorenzo

      You are severely misinformed about marijuana, Laura.

      • Lane

        Everybody who thinks that dope is such a bad drug is misinformed. It’s so commonly known, in fact, that it’s getting to the point where it’s needless to be said. I don’t mean to be bashing, I’m just saying. But, if this is the Laura I know, which acts like the Laura I know, she thinks that her military man is both physically and psychologically tough. Physically yes, but psychologically, LOL NOT!!! Her big man has balls but not much else!!

  • Manic

    I love Jennifer. I think she is a great actress. But I am so sick and tired of all these celebrities going around smoking pot. Don’t they realize that there are kids that look up to them? Weed will not kill you but it definitely hurts you and hurts your memories. Hope this is not a regular thing for her.

    • Kelly

      Yeah, kids look up to her… but not during her free time in the privacy of her hotel room –or better said, in the obviously NOT private space of her hotel room.

      I mean, come on, I look up to her and all, but it’s her life and she’s free to do whatever she wants with it.

      These pictures are disturbing. Who the f*** does this to two girls. And omg the photographer focused so much on the hug, there’s like 5 pictures of the same shit. What did he/she expect? A lesbian porno to break out between them?? Besides, I see no drugs!!

      Honestly, get a f***ing life. If X or Y person smokes weed or does crack or whatever, it’s their life. What’s important is that she’s an amazing actress and she’s not famous for being a whore or a porn-star. She’s famous because she earned it.

  • Jennifer Fan

    So I didnt see any weed in those pics..I HAVE seen the pics of her and a HAND ROLLED cic(yea joint) BUT none of these show anything…F-in Retards.

  • Jennifer Fan

    Theres No Drugs in these Pics wth r u talking about? Would you rather them look up to a drug Free Kim K who is famous for NOTHING but being slutty,or the Dumb bimbos on teen mom who sleep around get prego and insted of owning up to there responsiblities the go on a “REALITY SHOW” and act even more un-inteligent.

  • Jennifer Fan

    are you people BLIND!!! theres NO DRUGS IN THESE PHOTOS!

  • Stink!

    Kim K is not slutty, she’s a freakin’ WHORE BAG. She keeps the company that makes Valtrex in business.

  • Raina

    I saw no weed smoking going on at all. AND she was drinking, what it appeared to be, wine.

  • Christopher

    weed isn’t a drug, it’s a plant. It is natural. & it sounds like you could use some.

  • Christopher

    Manic…how can weed hurt you exactly?

  • tishy

    OMG her life is spinning out of control!!! STFU already, it is freakin POT. It isn’t crack for crying out loud! And look how we celebrate crack heads like Whitney Houston!! But y’all wanna crap on someone over POT?! SMDH WTH is wrong with this world….?

  • IloveMary

    Great! Good for her, Marijuana is an excellent natural herb to relax without risk for your health.

  • Kwizera Landon

    Very cute

  • Jennifer

    I’m more concerned for the pervert that took all these pictures without permission!. Get a life!

  • Optima Cigs

    Such things are very dangerous for our health, Jennifer might end up on bed if she will keep smoking and drinking.

  • International Vapor Group

    This is pretty normal when it comes to celebrities, almost everyone of them is into smoking weed and doing drugs.

  • Ben

    Grass and beer, you’re in the clear. Beer then grass, you’re on your arse

  • 200110445

    what’s wrong with weed, not that I have any but why not, you could go any day your still on this fragile earth, why not enjoy it to it’s fullest. If you want weed then you whould smoke it up all day baby :)

  • Ron Burgondy

    Sounds like the person who wrote this is very jealous she or he doesn’t have a acting career and a Emmy. =] This isn’t journalism and it is a shame you get paid to do what you do. A professional gossip girl! A less useful occupation than being unemployed. I would give my name, email and number but then you would gossip about me too =[ get a real job. If you can’t, then please go volunteer and mean it.

    • Sam Richards


  • Sam Richards

    first of all, who the fuck is jennifer lawrence. second. who the fuck cares? THIRD. How do you know it’s a joint? Maybe she hand rolls her cigarettes for authenticity. I KNOW PEOPLE WHO DO IT. And finally, we wouldn’t have to worry about the children looking up to her if the media didn’t hide in trees to take pictures like this and spread it around the internet saying what a bad person she is.

    • LadyLove

      I was gonna say the same thing about the hand-rolled cigs. I know people who do it too! xD

  • Karen

    First of all no clear evident drugs taken in this photo. People talk as if they know celebrity lifestyles. When they’re shooting films, they always gotta be alert and attentive. And when they get the chance to relax and unwind, alcohol and marijuana does induce relaxation therefore they can sleep better so their brains and body are relaxed. drinking MODERATELY and smoking MODERATELY of course. you dont even know if the family doctor you go is actually an alcoholic or smokes pot on a regular basis.. im just saying, people have their own ways of unwinding after a long day of work.

  • fatcat

    it is entirely legal to use ROLLING TOBACCO you know. you can’t smell ganja through a camera….

  • Kelsey Benne

    what if she just hand rolled a cigarette….just saying you really don’t know what’s in that.