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Kate Upton Doesn’t Mind the Haters

By on February 14, 2013

is being lauded for the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition but of course there are always going to be people who criticize her body because there’s no way you can have those breasts without having some fat on you. Kate doesn’t mind though.

She tells Page Six, “Everyone has the right to their own opinion,” and explains, “I am in a good place in my career, so it’s all right.”

Fellow models Alyssa Miller and Chrissy Teigen came to her defense saying people should stop being so hyper-critical of women and that people don’t know the models read everything.

If I was Kate Upton, I wouldn’t mind the haters either. Who are they to talk? How many dudes jerk off to them in a bathroom? Hmm?

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  • LB

    She is so gorgeous! I love her body! I am so happy she is getting recognition for her figure and it’s not stick thin!


    I cannot even fathom, or even begin to believe that there are actually people out there that think she is “fat”. How could anyone prefer a bony, “heroin-chic” model type over her?! Dammit, her body is so perfect it makes me nervous just looking at it in a photo!