Lisa Lampenelli May Have Crossed That Line | The Blemish

Lisa Lampenelli May Have Crossed That Line

By on February 19, 2013

Lisa Lampenelli posted the above picture of her and Lena Dunham on Twitter the other day. As you can see, she’s re-appropriated the n-word. It’s not just for black people anymore!

In case that text is a little small to read, it reads, “Me with my nigga @LenaDunham of @HBOGirls – I love this beyotch!!”

You can imagine she probably says this in the whitest way possible. At least she used the “a” and not the “er” at the end because she’d have bigger problems. Not that this isn’t a problem, but it’d be way worse.

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  • Nate

    Yes, bigger problems … not “bigga” … indeed.

  • Sow hater

    She is sooo black by injection, what’s the big deal? All she talks about is how much black cock she gets. Black guys should be embarrassed even being associated with this pig. Get the NAACP on it. She slurs the black race by saying they have sex with her.

  • Mary

    If anyone has heard her stand up worse has been said- a lot worse. She throws around every racial slur imaginable. It’s her schtick. If you are offended by what she says or writes maybe you should not read her twitter or watch her stand up.