Paris Hilton Posed While Her Boyfriend Bled on a Stretcher | The Blemish

Paris Hilton Posed While Her Boyfriend Bled on a Stretcher

By on February 19, 2013

Because everything is a photo op for Paris Hilton, she posed for a picture the other day while her boyfriend lay bleeding on a stretcher in Lake Tahoe after falling down the slopes and suffering a gash in his leg.

That’s her boyfriend, River Viiperi, in the background mistakenly assuming anyone cared about his condition. In the foreground is Paris whose only concern seemed to be that the camera get her good side. If you could only use one picture to describe Paris Hilton, this would be it.

She posted on her Pheed account (yea, I don’t know what that is either), “Such a scary day on the slopes today. After seeing the gash on @RiverViiperi’s leg, I almost passed out. I have never seen a cut that deep in my life. He is so brave, I can’t even imagine the pain he went through today. :(”

While this may seem a little cold, Viiperi is actually really lucky. That b*tch could have cut him completely out of the shot.

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  • BoogerFree

    She’s still alive?

  • chick

    This chick is something else! smh

  • Mike

    Jesus, get melodramatic much? Big freaking deal, you guys are acting like the dude is bleeding out and she’s the only one with the tourniquet. I guess whatever generates page views though, amirite?

  • Slut bagger

    Where would you rather be? Bleeding on a stretcher or balls deep in that walking petri dish? Bleed, brother, bleed…

  • Spokker

    When the bleeding boyfriend is clearly giving a thumbs up sign, it kind of defeats the point of this article, if it could be called an article.

  • Rick

    He’s just doing what all guys do, a thumbs up gesture and a bit of male bravado to ward off the pain. Plus he’s gonna tap Paris later on once he’s on painkillers, so don’t feel bad for him.