Who Won the 'Spring Breakers' Madrid Premiere, For Real | The Blemish

Who Won the ‘Spring Breakers’ Madrid Premiere, For Real

By on February 22, 2013

Turns out the other day it was just a photocall for the  premiere in Madrid but last night was the real premiere. So how should points be awarded? Since I just make up the rules to this imaginary competition which instills so much hatred in Ethan Hawke, I’m just giving half a point.

So now it’s .5 for Vanessa Hudgens, 1 for and 2 for because she won this time. I think I need to make a prize pack for the winner at the end of this competition. Maybe a bag full of condoms and Windex. That seems pretty standard nowadays.

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  • Cookiemonster

    That pale girl to the far right..She needs points DEDUCTED. I say Vanessa takes this one.