Justin Bieber Doesn't Want Anyone Seeing His Face | The Blemish

Justin Bieber Doesn’t Want Anyone Seeing His Face

By on March 7, 2013

arrived at Mr. Chows in London wearing a gas mask to hide from his fans. Surprisingly, wearing a gas mask in the middle of the night in London attracts even more attention. Who could have seen this coming?

Tomorrow, he’ll try holding a flashing neon sign over his head that reads, “I’m Justin Bieber.” That’ll fool them. Reverse psychology, bro!

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  • Manic

    He is such a loser. Why is he famous? He needs to take after the boy band losers that came before him and just go away.

  • Righty Oh

    His face is always so jizzy and sticky, he should apply some hair to his face and no one would recognize him. Although, he may be mistaken for lesbo w/a hormone problem.