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Prince Is a Dick, Smashed Another Man’s Guitar

By on March 5, 2013

performed his new song Screwdriver and the older Bambi on  last Friday. After playing the solo on Bambi, he threw his guitar into the air and let it crash to the ground. According to DeathandTaxes, the guitar was a 1961 Epiphone Crestwood. The guitar also wasn’t his.

The owner was of , Fallon’s house band. The story is that Prince took an interest in the guitar at rehearsals and asked to borrow it for the performance. Of course Douglas agreed but he probably wouldn’t have if he had know Prince was going to be dick about it.

Douglas later tweeted a picture of the broken guitar with “purple pain.”

And also

Douglas even asked Prince to sign it for him which he refused. What a guy.

It could have been worse though. At least Prince didn’t stare Douglas directly in the eyes when he threw it and then f*ck his girlfriend.

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  • How wrong can you be?

    He should have bitch slapped that little cunt into next week, then shoved the busted guitar up his bitch ass.