The 'Wonder Woman' Fan Trailer That's Everywhere | The Blemish

The ‘Wonder Woman’ Fan Trailer That’s Everywhere

By on March 1, 2013

Before you get too excited, this isn’t a real movie. This fan-made trailer of fighting Nazis by stuntman was made to prove to studios that he could do more than straight to dvd action movies.

The trailer cost Johnson $3,500 and stars Danish singer kicking Nazi ass. The trailer also features and Sons of Anarchy’s  as Nazis.

Obviously this is way better than whatever the hell NBC was trying to pull off with Adrienne Palicki and what CW is trying to pull off with Wonder Woman in high school. Though I admit I would love to see the stages of grief Wonder Woman goes through when Steve dumps her before the big dance. There’s nothing better than watching an Amazonian hero known for beating dudes senseless have a good cry and talk about her feelings. That’s the sort of stuff men live for.

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