Amanda Bynes Rents Friends Now | The Blemish

Amanda Bynes Rents Friends Now

By on April 17, 2013

SplashNews via Dlisted says that Amanda Bynes finally found a friend to hang out with in NYC. One that accepts money in exchange for said friendship.

According to a photog, Bynes’s new friend was waiting for her in front of her apartment. After they met up, they walked around laughing, talking, and doing whatever it is fake friends do. Eventually, Bynes hit up an ATM machine where she withdrew some money, handed it to the girl and sent her on her way.

Amanda sort of says this is partially true. That’s actually her assistant Nadia.

So, yea, she’s paying for a friend, but not in the way you think she is.

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  • decent dan

    coincidence? Amanda’s cup has Nadia on it….it’s a rent a friend…